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Where to Watch: Tour De France in Yorkshire

April 7th, 2014 at 6:45 PM
By Sports Media 101

This year, something different is coming to Yorkshire. Normally, away from the metropolitan towns and cities that make up the most of Yorkshire, there’s rolling hills, mores and farmland, but this July, the Yorkshire countryside will bear witness to one of the greatest sporting events the world has to offer: the Tour de France. Recently titled the best place to visit in Europe, this summer, the county will see a surge in visitors – all of whom are trying to get a good view of the cycling action. If you’re going to join in the fun, do you know where the best spots will be? Don’t worry – we’ve put together this short guide to ensure you get the best views.

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Head to Harrogate

Harrogate, one of the most expensive and desirable areas in all of Yorkshire is going to be one of the hot spots for those looking to get a piece of the action at the Tour de France this year. On July 5th, there’ll be a sprint to the finish line across the Stray which is just by the side of the main city centre, and leaves you in the perfect position to get a slice of cake from world-famous tea shop Betty’s. If you fancy watching a more endurance-testing stretch of the race, then the hike up the A59 out of Harrogate will be worth a watch – though it means you’ll have to wait for your Betty’s.

Jenkin Road in Sheffield

If you’re looking for serine, tranquil Yorkshire country side, this isn’t going to be the stretch for you. Thankfully, the Jenkin Road stretch of the race will see the peleton face an 875 yard stretch of road on a 33 percent gradient. This exciting stretch comes just a few miles from the July 6th finish line, so those interested in witnessing a truly atmospheric and adrenaline-fuelled section of the Tour should make this stretch a priority.

Buttertubs Pass

The Buttertubs Pass is likely to be the most popular stretch of the Tour’s Yorkshire route, so if you want to get a place, you’ll need to act fast and get there early. Regardless, unless you were on a bike yourself (Fat Birds Don’t Fly is a particular supplier, if you were feeling inclined!), there isn’t a better stretch to see. Passing upward through Swaledale, this will certainly be the place to be, so make sure you’re there.

So there you have it, some of the best spots to witness the Tour de France when it starts off in Yorkshire this July.  

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