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How to Turn the Local Park into Your Gym

April 8th, 2014 at 3:28 AM
By Sports Media 101

During the winter, those of us who are more fitness-inclined see ourselves spend less and less time exercising outside and more and more time exercising at the local gym or in our home workout spaces. With a treadmill at home (Fitness Warehouse is a reliable provider), you can burn calories in private, but as we all know, outdoor exercise is more intense and burns calories faster than indoor exercise does. So, now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to start thinking about taking your exercise regime outdoors again. The local park is the perfect place for a full body work out, here’s now you can use the space to its full potential.

Testing Your Strength on Trees

Trees are nature’s jungle gyms. If you’re looking to build some strength in your upper body and core, find a sturdy tree with a low-hanging branch. Before you use it for anything, test that it can hold your body weight, and then use the branch for pull-ups. The best thing about using a branch is that the tree’s bark provides a great grip, and the natural give of the wood will make your first pull-up more manageable.

Uphill Struggle

For some great cardio, the park is perfect. The best way that you can use the park to work up a hefty sweat is to run uphill. Although jogging on a flat surface is better than doing the same indoors on a treadmill, running uphill is even better for you in terms of calorie burning. If you can find a section of your park that has a steep incline, interval training might be the best thing for you. Alternatively, if you consider yourself more of a fan of long-distance endurance cardio, a gentle incline, and a slower more thorough speed would be a better way of exercising.

Bench Marking

To break up your cardio, you could spice things up with some bench exercises. Bench presses are a good place to start as they’ll work your arms and core and give your legs a break. Once your legs have cooled down slightly, you could move on to step-ups which will work your calves and stretch your leg muscles. Then, it’s back to running until you find the next bench.

The essence to any good work out is working your muscles equally and thoroughly, so the park is a great place for working your whole body equally, and best of all, you’re outside and it’s free. 

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