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Updates in Sports Technology are Helping to Shape Better Lifestyles

May 19th, 2015 at 2:36 PM
By Sports Media 101

Sports play a huge role in the lives of many people worldwide. With so many different kinds of sports, it is difficult to find a person that doesn’t like at least one of them. Although many love them for entertainment purposes, a great many people love to actually play sports. These days, the sports we love to play so much are getting updates in the form of high tech safety technology, and other equipment that it is changing the nature of the games themselves.

In the way of safety, baseball, football, and lacrosse players are all in the process of their sports equipment getting stronger, and safer. Technology doesn’t just work for safety, though. New materials are changing the way football and ice hockey are played. The same way, we’ve seen a rise in fitness innovations. The hope is that these new inventions will only increase our love of the game.

Safety Technology

When thinking about the most dangerous sports usually we think about football or hockey. However, baseball and softball can be just as dangerous. While it they aren’t contact sports, anyone who has been hit with a line drive or taken a fastball to the skull can vouch for their danger. A player hit in the head with a pitch faces serious dangers, it could end a career. In recent years Rawlings, a popular helmet manufacturer, is improving their helmet technology to help prevent injuries for batters hit in the head. The modern helmets are larger and feature a shell made of carbon fiber, which is much stronger than the traditional plastic.

Along the same lines, helmet manufacturers have made serious strides in the sport of football. Football has been put in the spotlight recently over the prevalence of head injuries in the sport. With parents speculating on the safety of football, Riddell has designed a revolutionary helmet to reduce the number of head injuries. The helmet reduces the impact put on the head through increased padding and updated materials. They have also developed an impact monitoring system, that many top college football programs use to determine if a player might have a concussion.

Although the changes in lacrosse padding haven’t been as wide spread, they could be on the verge of a breakthrough in new padding. Unequal Technologies is developing lacrosse padding made with Kevlar. The pads are designed to withstand damage that one might see on a battlefield. This issue of safer equipment is becoming widespread throughout the sports world.

Game Changers

In addition to new technologies making the game safer, they are also changing the way we play them. Two sports where this is happening is youth and college baseball and softball. For years, wooden bats were outlawed because of the danger of broken bats. However, the aluminum and composite bats that stand in their place proved just as dangerous.

Studies have shown that a ball hit of an aluminum bat can travel 5-6 MPH faster than one off a wooden bat, which has led to higher batting averages and higher final scores. No matter how far a team was down, they were never out. Since the banning of composite bats, numbers are back to normal, and there is more strategy required than when aluminum bats ruled the day. New baseball and softball bats from help keep the game fair and exciting.

In addition to baseball and softball, hockey stick technology has taken off. With new sticks made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, sticks are stronger, they are lasting longer, and players are able to shoot harder. Composite sticks have been a huge upgrade over traditional wooden sticks, which were prone to breaking. Also the blades of composite sticks are easier to bend, giving players more options to modify their shot.

Finally, Exercise equipment is seeing huge upgrades in gyms all over America. Fitness accessories are being infused with high tech to help monitor your health and workouts with precision. Apps and machines now offer ways to monitor all the exercise you’ve done, your calories burned, pulse, and much more. This is giving people a better idea of their level of health and fitness, and helping to better shape lifestyles.

With technology becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the country it is fitting that sports technology is a big part of that. We now possess the ability to make our sports much safer for the participants, and change the games for the better.

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