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Why Do Swimmers not Wear Big, Loose Swimming Trunks?

March 2nd, 2017 at 10:03 AM
By Sports Media 101

Today most professional swimmers fight to win their races by a hundredth of a second, so it is easy to see why sleek swimwear is so important. When it came to Michael Phelps and Milorad Cavic going head to head in the Beijing Olympics, Phelps was able to beat Cavic by 0.01 seconds, which shows how every moment counts when it comes to this sport. If you are able to gain even the smallest of advantages against your opponent, you should take the chance and one of the ways this can be achieved is through well designed swimwear.

If you have ever participated in a race at a pool then you probably already know how tough it is and how difficult it is to swim fast. Water makes every movement difficult and its invisible forces can really slow you down. The forces that push against your body when you are swimming are collectively called ‘drag’. One of the strongest types of drag swimmers have to deal with is pressure drag as this pushes on the water and makes the water react by pushing back!

Modern swimsuits for professional athletes are designed based on the structure of sharkskin, mimicking its best qualities. Studies have shown that sharks are able to move through the water with approximately 10% less energy being spent on movement than fish that have perfectly smooth skin. The well-known swimwear manufacturing company called Speedo have been able to develop a material called Fastskin. Speedo found out that a sharks skin is covered in denticles and are much shorter and longer is some places on their bodies. These denticles are slanted towards the tail and direct water flow. This allows there to be less drag so that a shark can swim faster with far less energy being used on its part.

The Speedo Fastskin is just one example of how swimwear manufacturers are trying to design and create a swimwear material that fits well and enables swimmers to perform better in competitions. They are also beginning to work more closely with scientists to ensure no swimmer misses out on winning with a hundredth of a second advantage.

It is easy to see why swimmers are far more likely to wear specially designed swimwear as opposed to wearing bigger and looser swimming trunks. When it comes to swimming competitions, being as streamlined as possible is the difference between a big Olympic win and a significant loss. Swimsuits used by professional athletes are now computer modelled and tested extensively in order to paint a better picture of how effective they will be in sporting competitions.

If your kids love swimming, then why not get them looking great at the pool? Kid’s luxury beach shorts are some of the most sought after swimwear items by every parent as they not only look great but also allow your child to move freely about in the water. Once your child gets their swimming basics in place they can then progress to wearing some more professional and streamlined swimming gear.

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